APP iGlaucoma





The aim of this free APP, developed by S.I.GLA., is to provide patients with a quick and constantly updated summary of the main clinical parameters of their disease (intraocular pressure, corneal pachymetry, iridocorneal angle, visual field, OCT, ...) and of the followed therapy, in order to allow them to have - at any time and in any place - a complete picture of their current and previous clinical situation.

In addition, the possibility of inserting audible/visual warnings to take the therapies or appointments for check-ups and instrumental examinations is a valid daily aid, in order to obtain a better adherence to therapeutic indications and prescriptions of the doctor and therefore a proper prevention and control of the disease.

Finally, the presence of a list of the main S.I.GLA. Specialized Centers for the diagnosis and treatment of Glaucoma in many Italian regions offers the patient useful references, as well as the News section provides information on the most relevant activities of the Society (e.g. campaigns for the prevention of the pathology).